VIR South Telemetry for BMW E30 with good driver

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GPS Track Map and Vehicle Dynamics for South course

We use a G2Extreme data logger. We recommend Group 9 Motorsports as a dealer for this excellent logger. Here is telemetry for a good run at 1:30 in a BMW E30. The driver while not a racer is a very good HPDE driver. We have two laps for this driver. One at 1:32, and his quickest at 1:30.


The following chart shows the min/max and average speeds, lateral G and longitudal G. The 0.81G is a bad number for acceleration, the unit was bumped or something. The data indicates 0.45G as a good max for this lap.


It's interesting to compare with the cars at Brainerd International Raceway, a 1999 996 and a Nissan 350Z with upgraded brakes. The maximum acceleration of the E30 is around 0.43G, the 996 around 0.4 and the 350Z was about 0.5. Under braking, the 996 achieved 1.4 with the 350Z at 1.3 and the E30 at around 1G. So, the E30 looks pretty good acceleration wise but doesn't have the brakes or corner as well as the 996 or 350Z but there are different tracks.

Here's the min/max/avg for the 996 and 350Z. It's a different track, but the cornering forces, braking and acceleration are interesting.


Finally, here is an overlaid MPH analysis.

TODO: Stack add an analysis comparing your two laps here.