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Welcome to, the only community based encyclopedia for tracks and driving on the web. This site is for discussing tracks, getting to them, driving on them, after hours enterainment at the tracks. The site has two main offerings for the community.


The encyclopedia of tracks or trackpedia

This is content that describe tracks around the world. Each track entry usually includes the following information:

  • Track Web Site
  • Track address
  • Track map
  • Guide to driving the track
  • Schools and clubs offering education days at the track
  • Recommended hotels around the track

This part of the site is what is known on the internet as a Wiki.

If we don't have a track that you know or you spot an error then YOU can extend or update the content youself. All changes are logged and versioned so we can remove changes if need be. We're hoping the community can very quickly make this site the center of track days on the internet because of its open nature.

Forums for discussing tracks

The site also has a full featured bulletin board with forums for each track. Drivers going to a track can post questions about the track and read community responses. If a golden nugget is discovered then we recommend moving that information to the wiki where it's then readily available to the community.


We hope this unique combination of providing up to date information becomes very useful to the tracking and drivers education community.


Performance driving events are by nature potentially hazardous to your health. and it's contributors shall not be liable for injury, consequential, or other types of damages resulting from the use or misuse of the content in this site. No warranties are provided or implied as to the accurateness or suitability of the content on this site for any purpose implied or otherwise.

Privacy Policy

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