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These are providers that site members have had experience with. We'll try to collect those experiences here.

  • American Collectors - no longer writing policies
  • Laurel
  • Progressive Direct - does not cover "Speed" or Racing surface
  • ProSure-Motorsports Protection - currently writing DE insurance, Chris Maume 678.643.8415
  • State Farm (MN) - Excludes Speed Contest.
  • Snellings Walters Insurance Agency, Atlanta, GA. (Pending)
  • Lockton-Affinity

Also covered in the Frequently asked drivers education questions wiki post

DE Insurance with Laurel

DE Insurance Conversation with Progressive

The bottom line is they will not insure you if you are driving on a racing surface which excludes DE events from coverage.

Drivers Ed and Track Insurance Progressive Exchange

ProSure-Motorsports Protection, ProSure services DE participants all the way up to top level pro racers. Call Chris Maume at ProSure 678.643.8415,