Brainerd International Raceway Volvo S60, 2:05

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Here is data on a Volvo S60 T5 5spd manual with a novice driver. Wow! This is a fast car. It has aftermarket intake/exhaust and ECU tune, but stock brakes/suspension and FWD (open diff). The driver has driven BIR 4 times before. Heres the lap map and corner by corner analysis for Brainerd International Raceway:


Heres the min/max/avg track data. The numbers are awesome considering it's on all seasons! What would it be like on R compounds?


Heres an mph graph with long G overlaid for braking points. It's correlated with the corner segment.


Heres an mph with both long and lat G overlaid. It's correlated with corner segment.


Very, very impressive.