VIR Full Course Telemetry for BMW E36 driven by Eric Hardcastle

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Data files for this run can be downloaded at:

  * G2Extreme rpk files
  * G2Extreme lap file

Heres the lap map and corner by corner analysis for Virginia International Raceway:


Heres the min/max/avg track data. These G numbers are on par with what would be expected of a BMW E36 fully prepped race car.

Long Min G Long Max G Lat Min G Lat Max G
-0.99 0.49 -1.15 1.26
Min speed Max speed Avg Speed
40.80 130.80 81.95

Heres an mph graph with long G overlaid for braking points. It's correlated with the corner segment.


Heres an mph with both long and lat G overlaid. It's correlated with corner segment.


The car

This is a BMW E36 ITE/GT3 prepared car.