Tor Poznan

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Track Summary

Web site:

Address: 62-081 Przeźmierowo, ul. Wyścigowa 3, tel. (+4861) 814 35 11 fax 868 22 68

Google Maps Address: Poznan,+Poland.

Track Map

Weather Forecast

Current Conditions: Mostly Cloudy in Warsaw, POL (as of 4:00 PM 11/6/2012)

Current conditions (as of 4:00 PM)
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy. 41°F (Feels like 34). Humidity: 87% Winds: 11 mph WSW.
All times shown are local to Warsaw, POL.
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Forecast for Tuesday, November 06, 2012 for Warsaw, POL

Today: Showers / Clear.Showers / Clear Lo: 33°F. Hi: 44°F. Chance of precipitation: 98%
Tomorrow: Showers.Showers Lo: 42°F. Hi: 45°F. Chance of precipitation: 98%
Thursday: Sprinkles.Sprinkles Lo: 41°F. Hi: 49°F. Chance of precipitation: 70%
Friday: Sprinkles.Sprinkles Lo: 41°F. Hi: 48°F. Chance of precipitation: 96%
Saturday: Mostly Cloudy.Mostly Cloudy Lo: 39°F. Hi: 47°F. Chance of precipitation: 15%

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This is a track thats received good reviews from our members. It has a road track and a kart track. The road track is 2.537 miles long.

Track Guide

The follow sections describe the turns or series of turns on the race track in a step by step detail from various people who have driven the track

Turn by turn guide to the Tor Poznan track

Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Tor Poznan track

GPS Track Map and Vehicle Dynamics

We haven't had any data from this track yet. If you are interested in driving your car with our logger then please contact us on the forums.


Typical Lap Times

Saleen S7-R 1:34.498
Lola T92/50 1:25.553
Yamaha R1 1:36.104
Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 Diesel 2:23.223
Porsche 911 GT2 (997) 1:51.006


More videos of Tor Poznan

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