Running a track only car

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Many sports garages also will run your car for you. This service usually includes:

  * Transporting the car to the venue
  * Preparing the car for the venue
  * Acting as your pit crew while at the venue
  * Transporting the car home or to the next venue

This won't be cheap. Expect to pay around 75c to 1 dollar per mile for transportation. Pitting the car is usually at least 350 dollars per day. Any maintenance/parts/tires while preparing and whilst at the event is the normal cost.

Porsche 944 spec or Porsche 944 sp1

This is a low cost race car that has race series in NASA, SCCA (ITS) and PCA. They cost between 9k and 13k finished and are pretty cheap cars to run. They run on Toyo RA1 tires which last a season, brake pads last at least a season (probably two) and rotors similarly. A rebuilt engine is around 3k, transmission 2k, another donor car around 3k. Hard to beat in terms of fun per dollar. They are not slow if driven well. Brainerd is around 2:00-2:10 depending on driver. Road America is around 2:47-3:00 depending on driver. Fast cars and when fully built are pretty safe.