Motorcycle turn by turn guide to the Brainerd International Raceway track

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If you know this track then please try to start this guide. Once, someone starts then other readers should refine it to make the descriptions better. But, someone has to be first. Just click the edit button on the top of the page or the right and go.


Track Map


Turn 1

While heading down the drag strip keep close to the center line or the two walls to avoid the VHT and how slippery it it. Cross the drag race start finish and start drifting left or right to setup for turn one. ULW you stay in the middle and drop to the apex at full throttle and sixth gear. Dont drift back up higher than halfway to keep track open for faster bikes who need to go all the way to the outside of the track.

Turn 2

ULW stay in middle and dont clip the apex to allow faster bikes thru. Still full throttle and sixth gear.

Turn 3

Downshift to third gear on the outside (left) and brake for turn three I used to use marker # 3. Watch out for turtles. Turn in late and watch out for people outbraking you on the inside. Watch out for headshake coming out of third.

Turn 4

Out of three upshift and start drifting to the outside of 4 then immediately downshift on the entrance to 4. Do not start at the outside of 4 as you need to flick it back right for 5.

Turn 5

Come out of 4 mid track and then stand it up and lightly brake for 5 and flick it right. Good spot to overtake if you were on the inside of someone in 4. Again a mid track exit on ULW.

Turn 6

Run it into 6 still in third gear and watch for people braking up the inside.

Turn 7

High speed kink to the left roll out of throttle light brake setup for mid track entrance to 8

Turn 8

Midtrack entrance to 8 no brake take it all the way to the outside. Dont run off here or you will be in swamp.

Turn 9

Brake late and downshift to 2nd. Turn in and clip apex but watch out for people outbraking you on the inside. Run in out to middle of track and prepare for 10

turn 10

Turn 10 is banked and has a large sealer patch on lower half. Good traction just pick line that enable you not to cross edge. Downshift to third and brake. Get setup for your line down the dragstrip and be aware that other racers will modify the exit to get on the right line down the dragstrip. If you are pitting run start wide and run wide.