Does my car insurance cover me at the track?

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Probably not

Read your policy carefully. Personal Auto policy typically include an exclusion of coverage for use of the vehicle in racing, preparation for racing and timed events. More recently, many carriers have broadened their exclusion to exclude ANY use of the vehicle on a racetrack or other than on a public road.

If you do have an accident and they do pay then it's likely the only time they will pay. The carrier may non-renew your policy when at expiration.

One option is to obtain specific insurance designed to cover "driver education" events; however, this coverage typically still excludes the racing/timed/oval track events.

List of insurance companies offering drivers education insurance

  * ProSure-Motorsports Protection,  Contact Chris Maume at 678-643-8415 or  The only source for expert HPDE insurance coverage!
  * Lockton-Affinity, Lockton Risk Services ... available when used with select HPDE organizations (currently Triangle Z/Tarheel SCC, BMWCCA, PCA, Audi NA) through online event registration via Stack

List of normal insurance providers known NOT to pay for DE claims

Please note, some states (NC among a few others) have laws against insurance companies enforcing exclusions. This means that your normal street policy may in fact cover you. However, it does not mean your insurance company will not immediately drop your coverage after the claim is paid

  * All State
  * State Farm, for policies issued or renewed after November 15, 2006
  * Progressive