Brainerd International Raceway 2006 Volvo S60R in pouring rain, 2:29.4

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Here is data for an lap of BIR in a 2006 S60R during heavy rain. In this first graph, the wet lap MPH is plotted alongside a dry lap. Note that the first half of the main straight (10-1) is very slow due to the fact that it is a drag strip, and straying from the wet line often results in catastrophe thanks to spray they use to make it extra sticky in the dry. Also, since it is a dragstrip, you get some standing water since it is flat, not sloped. Image:S60R-wetvsdry-MPH.jpg

Here we have lateral and longitudinal Gs for the wet lap (red/orange) and the dry lap (blue): Image:S60R-wetvsdry-Gs.jpg

Here's the G plots for both wet and dry laps:

Looks like pouring rain causes the S60R (on Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tires) to lose about 0.3G in cornering and 0.2G in braking performance. Thanks to AWD, very little acceleration performance is lost.

Finally, a video frame showing just how rainy it was! Image:S60R-BIR-itsrainy.jpg