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This is a list of Blogs dealing with automobiles and racing.


Video podcasts

* Trackpedia Video podcast channel

Race Car Blogs

* John Stecher's Stohr DSR Blog
* Jake Latham's Radical DSR Blog
* Rob Summers' V8 RX-7 and Super Touring Blog
* RoadRaceGeek – John Thawley's Honda Challenge & NASA Enduro Blog

Porsche Blogs

* Eric Jenney's Porsche 944 Blog
* Billy Newport's Porsche 944 sp1 Blog
* Brent Knoll's Porsche 944 Racing Blog

Lotus Blogs

* Conan Dombroski's Lotus Elise Blog

Toyota Blogs

* Ken Brewers's MR2 and time trial Blog

Volkswagen Blogs

* Jim Lill's VW Racer Blog