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Sponsorship and banner advertising.

Trackpedia is becoming the best resource on the web for track information. Our main audience is individuals who bring their cars to track days or High Performance Driving Events (HPDEs) such as those organized by the Porsche Club of America, the BMW Club, the Audi club etc. We maintain information on hundreds of tracks in the USA and around the world. It's the ideal spot for track enthusiasts looking for information on tracks including:

  • Videos
  • Track maps
  • Track notes
  • Telemetry on track from drivers of different skill levels and cars
  • Help booking hotels in the area

The track information is maintained in a 'wiki' which means that it can be extended and updated by the Trackpedia community. This means it's never static and is continually being edited by the community to ensure the most accurate information unlike static sites. We also use the wiki to consolidate useful information gleamed by the community through discussion on the forums or simply by searching the internet.

We welcome suitable advertisers and offer them several ways of advertising on the site and we're happy to work with advertisers to customize how we can best work together to project the image the advertiser requires.

Banner ads

These are present on wiki pages as well as on forums. Dimensions are 468x60 for the top banner and 120x240 for a side banner. Advertisers should present us with images to those specifications, alternate text and the link to direct clicks to. We allow advertisers to monitor their banners performance online simply by visiting a password restricted web page. Statistics on impressions and click thrus are available using this web page.

SkyScraper ads

The vertical adds that appear to the left of the content are called SkyScrapers. They're more affordable than Banner ads, but still provide an opportunity for many page views.

Footer ads

We can also place ads at the bottom of the screens. As readers scroll through the content, they'll end up on your footer ad.

Title Sponsorship of Content Pages

If you'd like to associate your firm or product with a certain topic or forum discussion, we can give you title sponsorship of a page or forum discussion. This is an especially effective way to advertise if you can contribute content to the page that you sponsor.

Forum sponsorship

We can attach advertiser information at the top of every forum or specific forums to promote your business. These announcements are visible to our readers of those forums.


We offer very reasonable fixed rates for advertising which do not vary based on impressions. We'll run your adds on 1, 6, or 12 month contracts, or we can set it up to run until its been viewed a certain number of times.

Additional Benefits

As an additional benefit, we'll create a "Welcome to our new sponsor: <Your Name>" thread, on which you can post company promotions or news that will be of interest to the readers.


For a personalized quote please contact Eric Jenney, Billy Newport or John Stecher.

Thank for very much for your interest and we look forward to working with you.